We at Rinkninja believe that true love for the sport will create victory that goes beyond the rink!

Working hard, learning new skills, competing, learning together, applying new skills, making friends, winning and losing! All those aspects that create true love for the sport will teach life lessons that are priceless, yet are forgotten often in today’s competitive environment! We strongly believe that  both, competitiveness and true love for the sport can not only co-exist but are essential for life victory!


Our story began with our little fierce boy called Finley, whom is "dreaming big"and "living the love of the sport"! His infectious dedication and joy of executing his passion inspired us to start a small family-run lifestyle brand that celebrates all those RinkNinjas out there of any age, whom were born on skates, have the ice as their playground and hold loyal friendships throughout their journeys. The RinkNinja brand is dedicated to all players trying to be the best they can, on and off the ice!

Be FIERCE, enjoy your FRIENDSHIPS, have FUN and always be READY TO STRIKE!