My husband having been a competitively engaged hockey player and my son following his footsteps, I have been the more neutral person watching the start of my son's hockey journey. Bitten by the hockey bug, I attended practices, elite trainings and many games where I learned the following:

Hockey over the past decades has developed extensively competitive with a continuously growing number of competitive hockey teams. Unfortunately negative behaviour of players and parents alike are making the news more and more often. Those news are just the tip of the iceberg, considering what is happening on the daily basis in arenas across the country due to growing competitiveness and pressure. I witnessed parents yelling at very young kids, kids faking injuries when they lose to not take the heat from their parents and the list goes on.

On the other hand I was lucky to also witness what joy and opportunity hockey can bring to any player when you have great parents, coaches and teams! The team dynamic in the right environment is simply magic and uplifting and contributes in such a strong way to hockey player’s developments on and off the ice!

One day I sat back watching my son play on our backyard rink (calling him my little RinkNinja) and I reflected on why I wanted my son to participate in this "hockey craze". It was exactly that magic dynamic I was seeking for him and that pulled all strings in my heart! The journey that shapes your life and provides opportunities to grow as a person and with your friends! The journey that prepares you to be "ready to strike" on the ice and in life, that helps you reach your full potential.

I want to contribute to creating that positive dynamic within and around teams and create with the RinkNinja brand a society that has the same goals! Being humble and kind does not exclude being fierce and achieving your dreams on the ice. It will give you success in life, support for others and a journey you can proudly look back on and continue throughout your life.